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"So, sandy are you going to the party later?" asked Sam, my sister.
"Nah, Halloween isn't my thing." I replied.
Why does my sister wait until the last two hours before a party starts to invite me to a party? I guess horror movie night is out. Maybe I can turn her down.
"Come on, I'll give you twenty bucks, I even got a costume for you."
"What's the catch?" I didn't really trust my sister all that much she was a con artist when it came to stuff like this.
My sister pouted. "Can't a sister take her own brother to a party? You don't love me anymore." My sister made whimpering noises and acted as if she was crying.
Great now my sister is playing the, I'm a sweet little girl and you're a big meanie routine that always ends up getting me to go.
"Fine, I'll go, but I expect that twenty dollars later."
"Oh I love you" spoke my sister. Then she gave me a big hug and ran off towards her room.

By the time the party was about to start I got into the car and my sister sat behind the wheel and began to drive us to the party. I had put on my jeans and a t-shirt. My sister was wearing her favorite top and a pair of flip flops."
"So, what costume did you get me?"
"It's a surprise. Suzy said you could use her bedroom to get changed when we got there."
"Well, what are you wearing?"
"It's a surprise too. You'll see it when I get changed at the party.
We drove up to the house where the party was at. Suzy's house was an especially large house that could almost be considered a mansion. The last time I was here I noted eight bedrooms, ten baths, a pool, a hot tub, and one large and one small dining room each with their own kitchen.
The main dining room had been cleared out of all the tables and the door to the pool had been left open for easy access. A table of party food and a punch bowl sat to one side of the room. The sun had just set so the pool and the hot tub were all lit up, changing from green to blue to red and back again.
I was surprised to see that no one was in costumes on yet.
"Hey Suzy." I said walking up to Suzy. "Nice party."
"Hey sandy" she replied. Suzy was wearing a red and black Chinese style dress with a pair of black heels. Her hair was left long and strait reaching down her back.
Wow Suzy looks great. I thought to myself. Maybe I'll ask her to dance, nah she'll problem turn me down.
"No one has their costumes on yet?" I asked.
"Everyone is supposed to change after the party starts in a couple of minutes; we're waiting on just two more people."
Sam nudged me with her elbow, giving me a glare that told me I was forgetting something.
"Oh, thanks for inviting me."
"No I should thank you for coming; you're going to make this party fun."
"Huh?" I didn't like the sound of that for some reason.
"Go ahead and enjoy yourself for the time being. Have some dip or something."
"Thanks" said Sam.
I wandered throughout the party for a while and although it looked like a big party there were only a few people here. Mostly guys for some reason or another. I sat down in the corner and drank a little bit of punch. Before long my sister came and found me.
"Time to get changed" said my sister. "Follow me and I'll take you to the other room to get changed."
"ok." I followed my sister back through the main dining room, through the kitchen and into one of the bedrooms to the side of the hall.
"Here's your costume." Said my sister tossing me a paper bag. "Take off your clothes first before you try it on." My sister closed the door behind her as I heard a click of the door being locked. "I'll be right back. I locked the door so no one will accidently come in when you're getting changed."
Hearing my sister's footsteps as she walked down the hall, I tested the lock to make sure it was locked.
"Might as well get it over with."
I began to get undressed taking off my clothes and laying them on the bed. Then taking off my shoes and socks I began to pull down my pants.
After putting all my clothes into an empty bag I pulled out the plastic bag inside the paper bag. Inside was a sexy maid costume with matching shoes.
"She has got to be kidding me."
Looking at the costume I pulled all the parts out neatly laying them on the floor next to me.
"Why would I wear a sexy maid costume? I'm not even a girl. Oh well she must have given me her costume by mistake."
Suddenly the costume began to twitch and move. I picked it up and it began to move in my hand. The fabric came alive wrapping itself around my arm. The entire costume began to move climbing onto my arm and onto my body. I tried to rip it off with my other free hand but the costume grabbed that one two.
I tried to scream but nothing would come out. I was just mute.
I even began to use my legs to pry it off but instead the costume opened up and I pushed my legs into the pantyhose and skirt. The rest of the costume climbed on forcing itself on my body pushing my head through the top of the outfit and securing around my neck. The heels came alive floating in midair and forcing my feet into them.
I was wearing a sexy maid outfit. What came next was extremely weird. Slowly I watched as my body began to change. My hands grew smaller and more feminine. Black nail polish appeared on my fingertips. My hips began to grow out filling out the skirt. I felt at twinge in my crotch for a moment there. The extremely painful heels became more comfortable as my feet shrank. My waist narrowed next allowing enough room to breathe in the dress. I could feel my face begin to change and remold itself as my hair became longer. Red lipstick and makeup appeared on my face. I began to wipe it off on my sleeve but imeadeatly the stain disappeared and the makeup magically reapplied itself. I felt a tickle in my chest as I knew what was going to happen next. My chest began to grow out swelling into two large breasts the size of a C-cup.
"What in the world." I said yelling in my new feminine voice. "I'm a girl."
The door opened, my sister was standing there and looking at me.
"Wow, not bad, I would have almost believed you were a real maid."
"What did you do to me?"
"Don't talk unless you are given permission by me."
I couldn't speak. I tried with all my might to yell and scream at her but to no avail. My mouth tightened up as I tried to pry it open with my hands
"Back strait, hands to your side and give me a big smile."
My body stiffened up as my arms became glued to my sides. My lips began to curl into a cute smile. I couldn't move.
"I cast a spell I learned off the internet on that costume. It only works on Halloween so far so I had to trick you to come to this party. The spell turns you into whatever your costume is supposed to be, in your case a loyal and sexy maid. You will do everything I say and I will only turn you back if you behave. The spell may only work on Halloween but since its cast on you I can keep you this way as long as I want and I can also turn you into other stuff too, but I'll talk about that later."
My sister stepped closer as I continued to smile. She began circling my body as I just stood and looked straight forward.
"I'm almost jealous of you bro. you have an even bigger rack than I do, not to mention you look so cute in that dress. Why don't you go into the bathroom and take a good look at yourself. Do some sexy poses for yourself too."
I began to walk into the bathroom against my will. I turned and faced the mirror.
Oh my god.
My body was completely different. Instead of muscular arms my arms were thin and dainty. My hips had grown much large filling out the skirt. My face was that of a cute girl while my body was more mature filling out the dress. The maid outfit I was wearing was basically a very short skirt which with the tiniest bend forward would show my panties, while the upper part of my dress was basically a piece of cloth that covered my chest leaving the back and sides open for someone to look at.
My body began to move on its own against my will. I began to pose facing the mirror putting my hands against my hips and pouting. I turned around against my will and bent down looking through between my legs staring at my new pink panties. Against my will I stood up strait again and began to loosen one of the straps holding the dress up showing off one of my breasts and my hands began to fondle my breasts.
"Ha ha, c'mon it's time you get to work. Pull up your dress and follow me."
I fastened my dress back as I heard a click with the small fastener around my neck. My body tightened up as I followed my sister into the hallway and out through the door into the kitchen.
"Your job is to wash all these dishes and as long as you do your work, your body will relax and you can still control it. Oh when you're done you can go to the party. By the way be grateful I didn't wipe your memory and made the spell permanent, although I can still make it permanent."
The tension in my body relaxed as I walked up to the sink. Pulling up my sleeves I turned on the water.
"Well who knows, maybe you'll learn to love being a girl" spoke my sister as she walked out of the room towards the main dining room.
Great now I got to do the dishes how bad can this get?
Another girl walked in wearing a similar maid uniform to mine carrying a huge stack of plates and dishes and dumping them into the sink. I could tell in her eyes that she was just like me.
"Help me" she said in a pitiful voice.
She turned around and headed back into the main dining hall. Music began to play and I could hear a bunch of girls laughing.
Great, I hate this. Not only do I have to do the dishes but I got an itch on my chest and I'm too embarrassed to scratch it. Why did she have to turn me into a maid? And why do I have black nail polish, I'm more of a natural.
Taking the first dish from the stack in the sink I grabbed the sponge and began to scrub the dried food from the dish.
I hate dish pan hands.
this is a story i thought of while reading a manga i have. basically sandy the guy is turned into a maid at a halloween party along with a dozen other guys to do whatever the girls say. Sam his sister in the end makes him wash dishes for now, but what will happen as the party continues, and is there more than one costume in her bag of tricks. constructive critisism only please. also i do take requests if i like the story idea. i am a TF and TG writer mainly. One or the other or both. i will try to mark you as the source of the idea unless you wish to remain anoymas.
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papa3231 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Student Writer
Do you do Pokémon TFs?
nobodyofdistinction Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
Wow. Bottom line. If your sister is a tumblr feminist, don't go along with ANYTHING she says. EVER. Especially if she offers you 20 bucks and begs you. Run. Run as fast as you can. She supposedly is "getting revenge" against him for what? Sounds like he's had a whole childhood of motivations for HIM to get revenge against HER and that he's never reciprocated. She should be giving him a present instead not tormenting and enslaving him and she's apparently the LEAST evil among her clique of friends. Well, this is truly a weird story. I thought I saw where it was going and then it went and got weirder. And then bam. End of the world. It's trapped between a weird fantasy that can't decide on what it's a fantasy of and whether it will condone the actions of a horrible person (and fortunately it doesn't), and a regular tragedy with an unhappy ending where everybody dies, or as the case may be, has their minds and memories wiped and overwritten. I can't even tell what the author's thinking here at any point. Pure chaos. And I mean that in a mostly good way.
i-love-daisy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
this is an amazing story, second time i read it
CosmicBrambleclaw Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
why cant my gf do this to me XD

you're a tgtf wrter? . EFFIN. LOVE. YOU. _
jaredsmith19988 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
this is my reaction if i were him*changes back*
*punches her strait in the face*
do that again and i will literaly make your life hell
guillextreme1 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Student Writer
dis0guise Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Some good ideas, some rather off-the-shelf things as well -- but some people like and expect those. Not bad. Nit-picking: "strait" and "straight" are different words (although historically they had more overlap in meaning, I believe).

I like transformations of guys into gals with magical bodysuits or costumes, but somehow it's more fun if they're voluntary -- at least initially. Just my own taste, I guess.
5xSonicx5 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
A guy into a girl collie anthro via costume.
weatherfury Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
also ideas for what happens next accepted but please avoid mature themes
weatherfury Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
like i said i may take requests if i like the idea. the source of the idea was me and originated from me. any simularites to other peoples works are mearly councidence.
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